Stress Effects on You – Discover 8 Secret Stress Remedies

Let go on a journey together to discover 8 secret stress remedies to relieve yourself of stress effects and declare stress balance. Life is generally tough; however, this generation of humans is arguably the most formidable to live on the surface of the earth with stress effects written all over our faces! We deal with global warming, constantly evolving technology, toxic levels of emissions, reduced ozone layers and other everyday stressors. With all these, we still find a way to survive, thrive and dare to enjoy our lives.


Stress effects are the physical, psychological and emotional burden you feel as a result of going through an undesirable situation or painful season of your life. It could be from work, academic activities, your boss, spouse, and others and cause physical stress, psychological stress or total break down of the immune system.


However, despite our efficient coping mechanisms, we are still prone to the debilitating effects of the type of lives we lead right now. In this generation of fast food, fast cars, instant messaging and 4G network, we have become more vulnerable to stress and we are paying a very high price for that.

No matter what you are pursuing, always remember that a businessman or a professional is first a human being before any other thing. You can never be more successful than how you take care of yourself and your personal life. If you can succeed with yourself as a person, you are likely going to succeed in your endeavors.

Stress is the result of a protracted lifestyle of self-neglect. If you are aiming high at becoming a successful businessman, the possibility of stress is never too far away and learning to deal with it beforehand is a smart move. Surprisingly, most of us prefer to go about our daily businesses without thinking of how to deal with one factor that can put an end to that business or at least cripple it effectively.

You see, scientific studies show over a decade that stress-free and healthy people more creative, productive, make more money. They also tend to live longer, they enjoy better relationships, and they are much successful in their business operations.

When you come face to face with stress, your successful life and probably bulging bank account will not be able to save you from the depression, the unhappiness, and the attendant health issues that are likely to rear up their ugly heads. You do not have it all when you are not able to enjoy all that you have amassed for yourself.
Stress is not good for the body; neither does it do any good to the mind. Stress from toxic relationships, marital problems, or stress as a result of the nerve-wrenching work schedule, it doesn’t really matter, and you need to deal with it.


Sometimes you cannot run away from stress; it is the byproduct of the kind of lifestyle the modern human has elected to live. However, you are still good to go if you take out time to deal with it before it begins to pressure you out of life itself.


Stress’s long-term effects of stress can be devastating. They include a gradual suppression of the immune system, consistent reduction in mental capacity, heart diseases, increased cardiovascular risks as well as poor emotional and hormonal disturbances.


The good news is that you can monitor your stress level and break the chain of the vicious process with knowledge and deliberate efforts and declare stress balance.
Here are some of the things you can do to fight stress and stress effects – Remedyabode:





8 Stress Remedies To Relieve Yourself Of Stress Effects



The primary cause of stress (both emotional and physical) is working too long or working too hard. It is good to work and to do a great job at it; however, when the stress begins to set in, you need to be proactive in discovering it and taking a much-needed break.

The principle here is that you need to divert from your work daily, withdraw from your work weekly, and abandon your work entirely once in a year. This has been named as one of the most effective principles to avoid burnout, and it is also recommended as an antidote to stress.

Stop taking yourself too seriously. A couple of things may suffer if you take a break, but you are human, and you need to be able to set some time aside to attend to yourself. If your job or business doesn’t give you the space to rest occasionally, you may need to consider doing something else.

Maybe you just need to tweak things a little bit and change your daily routine to feel better. Change your wardrobe, change your sleep pattern, change the route you usually pass through to work, replace your brand of coffee with another, change the way you work, or change the job completely.




The more significant dimension to stress is usually in the mind; if you are not able to deal with it in your mind; you are just beating about the bush. You need to take some time to reflect and contemplate to free your mind from the burden.

I believe that the first step in nourishing your soul is to be able to bring it back to default; to get it back to that point where it is at its best. And I prefer to do that through meditation and deep reflection.

No, it is not some weird stuff, it is more of active engagement of the mind, freeing it from stress and bringing it to the point of reset. Through meditation, you can let go of worries, of guilt, of resentment, of hatred, of anger, of fears and of negative pressure that has built up over time.

The best position to fight stress is from a position of rest and serenity, and that is precisely what you get from regular and consistent meditation.

Another reason I meditate is to clear off the overload of information that has built up in my mind from work, at home, from colleagues, from bosses, and from those that I have worked with over the years.
Meditation also helps to deal with negative emotions that have built up over time as a result of a failure, a loss, a difficult boss or bitter business and professional rivalry. Take some time to reset your mind and refocus your thoughts through meditation.





You should work out all the time, but you should work out more when you are going through stress. It gives you the opportunity to free your mind and sweat out the stress. It is an excellent way to get stuff off your mind and to steam out the frustrations.

You cannot convince me that you are enjoying complete good health if you are not working out. Normally, you should not have any valid excuse for not getting out there and sweating out the stress at least twice a week.

You can eat clean and rest well, but you need to complete the triangle of health with proper exercise. Exercise allows you to improve your muscular activities and improve your cardiovascular functions; it also has other purposes such as:


Endurance building: You get stressed easily if you are not emotionally stable. Exercise helps your body to synthesize and secret certain stress hormones called endorphins. It fights stress by reducing pain, producing endurance, and releasing extra energy to the muscles and cells.


Sleep improvement: If you work out, you will be able to sleep better, and this will lift you completely out of stress.
Improves alertness and mental capacity: Stress is not just physical; it is also psychological. Exercise helps you to last longer in thinking and to be able to maintain clarity of thoughts under pressure.


Improves breathing: If you can get enough oxygen to your cells, you can get them to fight stress by themselves. This is the secret behind the magic of breathing exercises.

Working out also gives you a sense of accomplishment, thereby improving your self-esteem and a general sense of capacity and fulfillment.




This is one of my favorites. When you feel life itself is conspiring against you, and your mind and body seem to agree that you have had just enough, it is time to spend some time and money on yourself. Get yourself a very relaxing bath, take yourself to the spa this weekend or just go shop some new stuff for yourself.

I love to treat this especially; because it could be the foundation of your constant lack of happiness. If you have not come to accept yourself for who you are, no amount of success or money will stop you from the emotional stress you will always encounter. You are good enough! And you need to know that like you know your name. You do not need another successful product or account balance to validate your worth.

Never allow your worth to be tied to what you make at the end of the month or to your level of success. You are more than that. If you can settle that, then you will have a sound footing in the midst of the storms of the business space, the marketplace or the study space.

See, you can never improve or appreciate what you have not come to accept. You need to see yourself the way you are and come accept it. Accept your strengths, accept your weaknesses, and accept your uniqueness, your gifts, talents, deficiencies, and abilities. Then you can add value to yourself and be better. Self-acceptance is the key to self-love.

There are certain things I do not like about myself, and it is the truth. I face that reality and ask myself what I can do to be better; that is the only way to get the best out of yourself. If you love yourself, the stress you are going through will reduce significantly, and you will be able to see life with better clarity.




A slight adjustment in your menu can just do the trick. You see, stress affects both the body and the mind, and you can fight it by working through the body and the mind too. The aroma of a delicious meal and better nourishment can go a long way to refresh your mind and body and restore energy and vigor.

A complete nutritional reboot is a way of getting you to eat a balanced diet that will get all your organs working properly and at optimum capacity. By design, you can also use it to get rid of bad eating habits that you may be living with for a while now. The goal here is to get your body nourished with minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and phytochemicals that improve health and boosts immunity.

Here are some tips for a nutritional reboot:
Go green: Make sure your diet is as natural as possible. It will do you good to take plenty of vegetables, fruits, and nuts.
Get variety: Make it look less like punishment by providing options, so you still enjoy your food. There are plenty of healthy choices to pick from.

Cook: You do not know how healthy your eating can be when you cook by yourself. It is the only way to know precisely what you are consuming and to be sure that they are suitable for you. It is also enjoyable to cook.
Fight free radicals: One of the nutritional nuisances of this age is free radicals that are present in many processed food substances. These radicals are responsible for a lot of weaknesses in our immunity. Fight them with plenty of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory food substances like whole grains, fruits, nuts, and herbs.




If your stress is tied to your work, success or financial state, you may need a whole level of reinvention. You will need to learn to manage your finances better, increase your skill set, get new certifications and increase your capacity to earn. You can also download free stress remedies audios and listen to them or take stress management courses online.

It’s essential to overcome old ways of thinking that inhibit you and keep you doing the same things over and over again while producing no new results. You may feel as if you are stuck in a rut and are not making any progress.
Instead of complaining and giving up, you can begin to see every problem as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Having an open mind will give you new insights and eventually greater wisdom, which will allow you to have more success and abundance in your life.
Try not to say “No!” to things that you don’t fully understand yet. Avoid putting off doing what you are most afraid of because fear leads to procrastination, negativity, and feeling hopelessness. By taking action, you can conquer your fears, solve your problems, and educate yourself.

You don’t always have to do this by yourself; you can rely on a mentor or a coach as well as others who have the expertise that will help you. Humans are not built to be alone that’s why we exist in families, communities and nations, even in success you can’t be alone, attach yourself to people that have the same goals with you, or at least those that are compatible. As a matter of fact, you can sell your dream and make other people buy into it, that way it will be more achievable.

Occasionally the best opportunities come your way when you are least expecting them. By expanding your mind and being open to new experiences, you will be better able to recognize these opportunities, be open to them, accept them, explore them, embrace them, and finally act upon them. This will lead you to greater success in your personal life as well as in your business and professional life.



7) Be Open to New Knowledge

If you do not know how to take advantage of internet facilities, your business may well be on its way to the museum; this was not the case twenty years ago. The world has changed, and it is still constantly evolving rapidly. The power that controls that change is information (relevant information). Those who wield it are the people who chart a new course for the emerging new world.

If you are narrow-minded, you will always see things in one perspective, and this in itself leads to stress. Apply yourself to learn what other people are thinking about a subject matter and how they come to their conclusions. This is important for business and for life in itself.

Life is fast, and knowledge evolves even faster. You will get stuck if you refuse to update yourself on a constant basis. How things were done yesterday is not how they are being done today, and it will never be the same way they will be done tomorrow. If you are not open to new knowledge, you are already open to a lot of stress.







Whatever you are going through or that is happening to you, you must make sure that you are able to retain control of your mind. Whatever controls your mind will control your life. What is happening in your environment does not determine what happens inside if you do not allow it. You are the master of your mind, and you must retain control by all means.

It is alright if your body is under the attack of fatigue and you are ready to drop out of exhaustion but do not allow it to get to your mind. Make sure you retain that form of control that gives space for clarity of thoughts and redirection of life.

When you allow stress to crawl into your mind, your recovery will take time, your vision will become blurry, and you will need to recalibrate your focus. If you want to protect any part of your life from stress, it has to be your mind. For me, if my mind comes under any kind of siege, I declare open warfare because my mind is my greatest asset and the greatest asset of all entrepreneurs. Protect it at all costs.

One stress takes over your mind; you will not only make mistakes; you will come under severe errors of judgment and discretion. You will lose your sharpness and your ability to make on-the-spur-of-the moment sound decisions. Once you lose that, you will be knocked off the top of your game.

If you are a real goal-crusher, stress is a constant threat; you may not be able to control when and how it will come, however, you can control how you respond to it. See you at the top!


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